Ocean State Fencing Club


Discover the Passion!

Fencing at Ocean State Fencing ClubAt the Ocean State Fencing Club, we teach the modern sport of fencing. Fencing is a combination of old and new – swords and chivalry together with modern electronic scoring combine to make fencing a competitive challenge that will exercise your body and mind. Fencing is sometimes referred as “physical chess”, due to its lessons in problem solving, tactical thinking, sportsmanship and development of self-confidence. We offer classes from youth (6+) to adult. Our club provides equipment to beginner fencers and classes, open fencing and lessons. We run regular club tournaments and also attend tournaments all around Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Our philosophy relies on one specific goal; to have student excel in both fencing and life. The lessons of honor, pride, hospitality, and responsibility are conveyed on and off the fencing strip.

Is Fencing Safe?

Fencing is very safe. We take care to follow the rules of the sport carefully, and respect the weapon. We always wear safety gear and never play around when people without protection are nearby. Because we are protected so well with safety gear, and take great care to follow the rules of the sport, fencing has one of the lowest rates of injury of any sport.

Most of all, fencing is fun! At Ocean State Fencing we believe that everyone should have a chance to find their passion in life. Our passion is fencing, we hope yours will be too.